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aftermath  noun      (totzaah) תּוֹצָאָה , (p'riy) פְּרִי 

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noun    (totzaah) תוֹצָאָה 
verb    (lekesh) לֶקֶשׁ 
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(ש"ע) ספיחים, תוצאות, מה שנשאר אחרי-

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Aftermath originally meant "the grass that grew after the first crop of hay had been taken", but now usually means "that which happens after", often with a negative connotationoun It can refer to one of these:

  • , by photographer Joel MeyerowitzPhaidon Press
  • Aftermath (comics), a super hero-based imprint of Devil's Due Publishing
  • The Aftermath, an unpublished novella by Stephen King
  • Aftermath, a novel by Gregory Benford
  • Aftermath, a novel by Charles Sheffield
  • Aftermath, a novel by LeVar Burton.
  • Aftermath (Peter Robinson novel), a novel by Peter Robinson

Aftermath! is a role-playing game created by Paul Hume & Robert Charette which was published in 1981 by Fantasy Games Unlimited.

It is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the characters typically have to fight for food, water, basic supplies and shelter. The rules are reasonably complex and include many flow charts and tables to enable the Games Master to simulate the world. This leads to a very immersive gaming experience. However, it does require a good knowledge of the rules to play.

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Aftermath הוא האלבום הרביעי בבריטניה והשישי בארצות הברית של להקת הרולינג סטונז. זהו האלבום הראשון (והיחיד) של הלהקה בו מיק ג'אגר וקית' ריצ'רדס כתבו והלחינו את כל השירים.

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