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adverbial  noun      מילה או פסוקית המתפקדות כadjective הפועל במשפט

adverbial  adjective      (דִּקְדּוּק) של adjective הפועל

wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation

adverbial  noun      mylh v fsvkyt hmtfkdvt khadjective hfvl vmshft

adverbial  adjective      (dik'duk) shl adjective hfvl

wer54w66sf32re2 Dictionary 


(ת') של adjective הפועל

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In grammar an adverbial is a word (an adverb) or a group of words (an adverbial phrase or an adverbial clause) which modifies or tells us something about the sentence or the verb. The word adverbial is also used as an adjective, meaning 'having the same function as an adverb'. Look at the examples below:
Danny speaks fluently. (telling us more about the verb)

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