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adduct  verb      (פיזיולוגיה) משך (איבר, שריר) לעבר הציר המרכזי של הגוף

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adduct  verb      (fyzyvlvgyh) mshkh (yvr, shryr) lvr htzyr hmrkhzy shl hgvf

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(verb) לקרב, לתווך (ברפואה-למשוך אל התווך, לקרב לציר המרכזי של הגוף)

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Adduction is a movement which brings a limb - arm or leg - closer to the sagittal plane of the body. It is opposed to abduction.

This term is also used when one speaks about the operation of the muscle in anatomy or musculature. the lateral (sideways) separation of two bones attached by a joint

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