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מתאם Dictionary  view

adapter  noun      אָדַפְּטוֹר, מַתְאֵם; סְתַגְּלָן

wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation

adapter  noun      adap'tor, mat'em; s'tag'lan

LingvoZone Dictionary  view
noun    מַסגֵלמַתאֵם (2)
wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation
noun    masgelmatem (2)
wer54w66sf32re2 Dictionary 


(ש"ע) מתאם (התקן לתיאום של שני דברים זה לזה); (במחשבים) כרטיס הרחבה, כרטיס המתחבר ללוח האם ומאפשר ביצוע פעולות שונות

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
An adapter or adaptor is a device used to match the or electrical characteristics of two different things so that a connection may be made between them.

An adapter may be very simple, connecting one kind of plug to another kind of socket, but not changing what passes through. One example would be a garden hose, which normally has threads that screw on, but can be attached to an adapter which allows it to snap easily on and off of faucets, other hoses, or attachments. Likewise, a serial port may require an adapter to connect between the old DB-25 type and the later DE-9 type, which have 25 and 9 pins (respectively) but only 9 wires each.

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