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acceptor  noun      קַבָּל; מקבל

wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation

acceptor  noun      kabal; mkvl

wer54w66sf32re2 Dictionary 


(ש"ע) מקבל

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Acceptor may refer to:
  • Acceptor (accounting), the addressee of a bill of exchange.
  • In the Indian Contract Act of 1872, the acceptor is the person to whom a proposal is made, and who has communicated his or her acceptance of the said proposal.
  • In chemistry, the electron acceptor is an atom or compound to which electrons are donated during the formation of a coordinate covalent bond.
  • Acceptor (semiconductors).
  • In sequential logic, an Acceptor is a type of finite state machine.

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