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abutment  noun      מִשְׁעֶנֶת, כַּן, בָּסִיס; יַרְכָּה

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abutment  noun      mish'enet, kan, basiys; yar'kah

LingvoZone Dictionary  view
noun    מַשׁעֵןמִשׁעֶנֶת
wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation
noun    mashenmishenet
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(ש"ע) משען; גבול; סדן; נציב גשר (מבנה התומך בגשר); משענה

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
An abutment is an end support of a bridge superstructure. Abutments are used for the following purposes:
  • to transmit the reaction of superstructure to the foundations.
  • to retain the earth filling.
  • to connect the superstructure to the approach roads.

An abutment is also, generally, the point where two structures or objects meet.

Specifically, an abutment may be:

  • the part of a structure that supports an arch.
  • the tooth or teeth that support a fixed or removable bridge. It can be used between an implant and the crownoun

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