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אבסורד Dictionary  view

absurdity  noun      אַבְּסוּרְדִּיּוּת, חוסר היגיון; נוֹנְסֶנְס, שְׁטוּת, הֶבֶל

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absurdity  noun      ab'sur'diyut, chvsr hygyvn; non'sen's, sh'tut, hevel

LingvoZone Dictionary  view
noun    שׁטוּתנִלעָגוּתחוֹסֶר הִגָיוֹןשִׁגָעוֹןאַבּסוּרדִיוּת
wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation
noun    shtutnilagutchoser higayonshigaonabsurdiyut
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(ש"ע) אבסורד; שטות; חוסר היגיון

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Surreal humour
Surreal humour is a form of humour, stylistically related to the artistic ambitions of the surrealists, based on bizarre juxtapositionsabsurd situations, and nonsense logic. A common element of surreal humour is the non-sequitur, in which one statement is followed by another with no logical progressionoun

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