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abstain  verb      הִדִּיר עַצְמוֹ (מלעשות משהו) [(מעשיית משהו)], הִתְנַזֵּר

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abstain  verb      hidiyr atz'mo (mlshvt mshhv) [(mshyyt mshhv)], hit'nazer

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(ש"ע) הימנעות
(verb) להימנע; להתנזר

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Abstention is a term in election procedure for when a participant in a vote either does not go to vote (on election day) or, in parliamentary procedure, is present during the vote, but does not cast a ballot. Abstention must be contrasted with "blank vote", in which a participant in a vote cast a deliberately unlegitimate vote (drawing pictures on the ballot, etc.) or in which he simply casts a blank vote: a "blank (or white) voter" has voted, although his vote may be considered a spoilt vote, depending on each legislation, while an abstentionnist hasn't voted. Both forms (abstention and blank vote) may or may not, depending on the circumstances, be considered as protest vote.

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