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aberration  noun      (פְּסִיכוֹלוֹגְיָה) סְטִיָּה, פֶּרְוֶרְסְיָה, ליקוי נפשי; (אוֹפְּטִיקָה) חוסר מיקוד של קרני אור

wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation

aberration  noun      (p'siykholog'yah) s'tiyah, per'ver's'yah, lykvy nfshy; (op'tiykah) chvsr mykvd shl krny vr

wer54w66sf32re2 Dictionary 


(ש"ע) ליקוי, סטייה

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Aberration has several meanings:
  • An abnormality of chromosomes
  • A disorder in one's mental state (see Mental illness)

In optics:

  • Optical aberration, an imperfection in image formation by an optical system
    • Spherical aberration, which occurs when light rays strike a lens or mirror near its edge
    • Chromatic aberration, caused by differences in refractive index for different wavelengths of light
    • Defocus aberration, which occurs when a system is out of focus

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