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Translation: Hebrew to English
And knowledge
Frequency of Use of "ודעת" : Average *  1.9
*approx. occurrences per million printed words :: Mean=2.11 STDEV=57.89
The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics
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And knowledge Translation  view
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(deah) דֵּעָה     idea, opinion, thought ; (biblical, talmudic) knowledge ; (talmudic) wisdom, understanding ; לדעתו - in his opinion

(daat) דַּעַת     knowledge, wisdom ; intelligence, understanding, common sense. logic ; awareness, consciousness ; בדעתו - to intend ; לדעתו - in his opinion ; מדעת - deliberately, knowing full well, knowingly Phonetic Translation Dictionary 


  opinion, point of view, idea, say, mind, judgement, judgment, notion, sentiment; knowledge
  knowledge, wisdom, ken; mind, insight; opinion

Hebrew Thesaurus
(נ') השקפה, תפיסה, מחשבה, סברה, עמדה, נקודת-מבט; ידע, ידיעה, דעת, חכמה, שכל, הבנה
(נ') ידע, ידיעה, חכמה, בינה, שכל, הבנה; דעה, השקפה, תפיסה, מחשבה, סברה, עמדה

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