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doitinHebrew Phonetic Hebrew Keyboard Tips
Just Start Typing
Think aleph sounds like "a"? Try it.
Gimel sounds like "g"? You guessed it again.
  • a = א (aleph)
  • b = ב (bet)
  • c = כ (chaf/kaf)
  • d = ד (dalet)
  • you guess the rest!
Type the wrong letter?
CAPITALIZE IT. It will be the letter you wanted.
For example:
  1. You typed "a" wanting the letter "ע" (ayin)
  2.  But "א" (aleph) came out instead! :-(
  3. CAPITAL "A" = "ע" (ayin) ... happy again
Sample words
  • SloM = שלום  ("hello, goodbye, peace")
  • ani = אני ("I")
  • mdbr = מדבר ("speak")
  • Abrit = עברית ("Hebrew")
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