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agent  noun      (sokhen) סוֹכֵן , (natziyg) נָצִיג ; (m'ragel) מְרַגֵּל ; (gorem) גּוֹרֵם , (meniya) מֵנִיעַ 

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insurance agent (m.)soken-bituah'
insurance agent (f.)sokenet-bituah'
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(ש"ע) סוכן; נציג; סיבה, גורם; מתווך, ברוקר; חומר ניקוי; חומר בעל השפעה (בפרמקולוגיה)

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Agent can mean:
  • Agent (grammar), one of the thematic roles: the participant of a situation that carries out an actionoun Replaces "subject" in placement typology.
  • Tuition agent, a person who represents a tuition agency in searching for suitable tutors for students.
  • Agent (law), a person authorised to act on behalf of another person
    • literary agent, a person who represents a writer
    • theatrical agent
    • booking agent
    • sports agent, a professional who represents an athlete
    • talent agent, a person who finds jobs for actors, models, and other people in various entertainment businesses.
    • Press agent, publicist who acts on behalf of a client on all matters involving public relations
    • Foreign agent, someone registered with the U.S. Justice Department as mandated by the Foreign Agents Registration Act
  • Agent (economics)
  • Travel agent, makes vacation and travel arrangements
  • Special agent, generally, a federal criminal or non-criminal investigator or detective.
  • Espionage, secret agent, a spy
  • Double agent, in spying
  • Election agent, a person responsible for a candidate's campaign
  • Free agent, a sports player who is out of contract
  • Real estate broker, or real estate agent
  • Yacht broker, or yacht agent
  • Yacht charter broker, or yacht charter agent
  • Agent provocateur, a person assigned to provoke unrest, violence, debate, or argument by or within a group while acting as a member of the group but covertly representing the interests of another
  • Agent noun (or nomen agentis), one of the derivatemes (a topic from linguistic morphology)
  • Rational agent (in philosophy), deliberate being
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