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גיל Dictionary  view

age  noun      (giyl) גִּיל ; (t'kufah) תְּקוּפָה 

age  verb      (hiz'daken) הִזְדַּקֵּן , (hiz'kiyn) הִזְקִין 

wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation  view
old age home, retirement homebeyt-avot
become old, old: become ~, age verbhizqin
become old, old: become ~, age verbzaqan
age, rejoice, triumph over, exultgil
LingvoZone Dictionary  view
adjective    (ben) בֵּן  ((mispar) (mispar) מִספָּר   (shaniym) (shaniym) שָׁנִים  )(bat) בַּת  ((mispar) (mispar) מִספָּר   (shaniym) (shaniym) שָׁנִים  )
noun    (giyl) גִיל  (2)(ziknah) זִקנָה  (2)(t'kufah) תְקוּפָה (et) עֵת (dor) דוֹר (perek) פֶּרֶק  (2)
verb    לְהִזדַקֵןלְהַזקִין
wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation Dictionary 


(ש"ע) גיל; תקופה; דור
(verb) להזדקן, להזקין

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Age may refer to:
The length of time that a person has lived:
  • ageing, for the social, cultural, and economic factors of age and ageing.
  • senescence, for the biology and science of ageing.

A period of history:

  • list of time periods
  • three-age system
  • geologic timescale
  • astrological age


  • Age, Mie, a district in Japan
  • Agé, a god from the mythology of the Fon people; the son of Mawu-Lisa;
  • One of the D'ni Ages, the fictional universe in the Myst series of games.
  • Agenore Incrocci, an Italian screenwriter.
  • Age (Model theory), the class of all finitely generated structures which are embeddable in a structure adjective in mathematics.
  • âge Japanese company

Agé is a god of the mythology of the Fon people of Africa. He is the son of Mawu-Lisa.

âge is a Japanese publisher of eroge. Their claim to fame would probably be the 2001 AVG Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

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