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against  preposition      (k'neged) כְּ(neged) נֶגֶד  , (neged) נֶגֶד ; (el) אֶל  (mul) מוּל 

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appeal against, undermineirel (al)
against, opposite, beforeneged
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adverb    (neged) נֶגֶד (mul) מוּל (k'lapey) כְּלַפֵּי (l'umat) לְעוּמַת 
preposition    כְּ(neged) נֶגֶד 
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(מ"י) נגד; כנגד; נשען על
(תה"פ) כנגד, בעמדה שמנגד

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Against (album)
Against was the seventh LP by Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura released in 1998 (1998 in music) through Roadrunner Records. It was the band's first release with new singer/guitarist Derrick Green, who replaced Max Cavalera in 1997. This album featured groove metal and hardcore punk influences. Against was both a critical and commercial failure. Most criticism laid on Green's vocals, which many fans felt were inadequate, but also on the deterioration of the band's earlier thrash metal persuasions, and the absence of complex riffs in favour of percussive grooves. Though their subsequent releases slowly got more praise, Sepultura has not achieved the same success with Green that they had with Cavalera. This is also the last album to feature the same logo feature first shown on Beneath the Remains.

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