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adrift  adverb      (nis'chaf) נִסְחַף , נישא ברוח, נישא בזרם

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(תה"פ) נסחף; נתון לחסדי הגורל; נתון לחסד הגלים והרוחות, נסחף בזרם (בספנות)
(ת') נסחף, ללא תכלית, חסר מטרה, ללא יעד; (ספנות) נישא בזרם, שאינו עגון (אנייה); שאינו בדרך הנכונה

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ADRIFT is a graphical user interface used to create and play text adventures. The name is an acronym for "Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit". The project is solely developed by Campbell Wild. The toolkit consists of two programs; a generator (used to write games), and a runner (used to play them), though the runner is available to download separately. Currently, both programs only run on Microsoft Windows platforms as they are written in Visual Basic. Since the release of version 4, in 2002, the generator is shareware (adventures over a certain size cannot be saved until a registration fee of 12 GBP is paid), though the runner is available free to everyone. Older (freeware) versions of the program can also be downloaded on the website.

Adrift may refer to:
  • ADRIFT, a graphical user interface used to create and play text adventures
  • Adrift (book), seventy-six days lost at sea
  • Adrift (Lost), an episode of the television series 'Lost
  • Adrift (Stargate Atlantis), an episode of the television series 'Stargate Atlantis'
  • Open Water 2, a film known as 'Adrift' in Europe

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