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activity  noun      (p'iylut) פְּעִילוּת 

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noun    (p'iylut) פְּעִילוּת (p'altanut) פְּעַלתָנוּת (p'ulah) פְּעוּלָה (ak'tiyviyut) אַקְטִיבִיוּת 
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(ש"ע) פעילות; פעלתנות

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Activity may mean:
  • action, in general
  • Activity, an alternative name for the game charades
  • Activity, a task.
  • Activity, the ability of a piece to influence the game in chess
  • Activity, the rate of a catalytic reaction, such as enzyme activity, in physical chemistry and enzymology
  • activity (chemistry), the effective concentration of a solute for the purposes of mass action
  • activity (project management)
  • activity (radioactivity), the number of disintegrations per second
  • activity (software engineering)
  • activity (soil mechanics)
  • activity diagram, a diagram representing activities in UML
  • HMS Activity, an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy

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