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accurate  adjective      (m'duyak) מְדֻיָּק , (day'kaniy) דַּיְקָנִי , (nakhon) נָכוֹן 

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adjective    (m'duyak) מְדוּיָק (m'dukdak) מְדוּקדָק (m'tzumtzam) מְצוּמצָם 
noun    (day'kan) דַיְקָן 
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(ת') מדויק

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ACCURATE (A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections) was established in 2005 by a group of computer scientists, psychologists and policy experts to address problems with electronic voting. The NSF funded organization seeks to provide reference materials about electronic voting for use by policy makers, vendors, the elections community and the general public.

Accuracy and precision
In the fields of scienceengineeringindustry and statistics, accuracy is the degree of conformity of a measured or calculated quantity to its actual (true) value. Accuracy is closely related to precision, also called reproducibility or repeatability, the degree to which further measurements or calculations show the same or similar results. The results of calculations or a measurement can be accurate but not precise; precise but not accurate; neither; or both. A result is called valid if it is both accurate and precise. The related terms in surveying are error (random variability in research) and bias (non-random or directed effects caused by a factor or factors unrelated by the independent variable).

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