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accommodate  verb      (he'eniyk) הֶעֱנִיק , (sipek) סִפֵּק , (natan) נָתַן ; (ereach) אֵרֵחַ , (shiken) שִׁכֵּן , (ikh'sen) אִכְסֵן , (heliyn) הֵלִין ; (his'tagel) הִסְתַּגֵּל , התאים את עצמו

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LingvoZone Dictionary  view
verb    (l'areach) לְאַרֵחַ (l'he'eriyach) לְהֶאֱרִיחַ (l'akhsen) לְאַכסֵן (l'haliyn) לְהַלִין  ((liynah) לִינָה )(l'hat'iym) לְהַתְאִים  ((et) אֵת  (atzmo) עַצמוֹ )(l'sagel) לְסַגֵל (l'yashev) לְיַשֵׁב (l'dayer) לְדַיֵר 
wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation Dictionary 


(verb) לארח; לאכסן; להסתגל; להעניק

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Accommodation may refer to:
  • Accommodation (religion), a theological principle linked to divine revelation within the Christian church
  • accommodation (law), a term used in United States contract law
    • Accommodation Bill, a bill of exchange
  • Accommodation (eye), the sense in ophthalmology
  • Accommodation (physiology), process of changes in bodily function due to repeated exposure to drugs or toxins
  • Accommodation (in British usage) or accommodations (in American usage) is lodging in a dwelling or similar living quarters afforded to travellers in hotels or on cruise ships, or prisoners, etc.
  • Accommodation (psychology), the process by which existing mental structures and behaviors are modified to adapt to new experiences according to Jean Piaget (see also assimilation)
  • Communication Accommodation Theory, the process by which people change their language behaviour to be more or less similar to that of the people with whom they are interacting.
  • Accommodation is a linguistics term meaning grammatical acceptance of unstated values as in Accommodation of presuppositions
  • Biblical Accommodation is the adaptation of text from the Bible to signify ideas different from those originally expressed.
  • Accommodations (education) are modifications made in the classroom to assist a child with a disability

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