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accession  noun      הגעה (לזכויות, למעמד, למשרה וכדומה); (tosefet) תּוֹסֶפֶת , (hosafah) הוֹסָפָה ; (heanut) הֵעָנוּת , (heat'rut) הֵעָתְרוּת ; קבלת אמנה

accession  verb      ציין תוספת (לרישום כלשהו)

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noun    (r'khiyshah) רְכִישָׁה (r'khushah) רְכוּשָׁה (aliyah) עֲלִיָה  ((l'taf'kiyd) לְתַפְקִיד )(sipuach) סִפּוּחַ (hitztar'fut) הִצטָרְפוּת 
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(ש"ע) הגעה; כניסה לתפקיד

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Accession (from Lat. accedere, to go to, to approach), in law, a method of acquiring property adopted from Roman law (see: accessio), by which, in things that have a close connection with or dependence on one another, the property of the principal draws after it the property of the accessory, according to the principle, accessio cedet principali. Accession may take place either in a natural way, such as the growth of fruit or the pregnancy of animals, or in an artificial way. The various methods may be classified as (i) land to land by accretion or alluvion; (2) moveables to land (fixtures); (3) moveables to moveables; (4) moveables added to by the art or industry of man; this may be by specification, as when a new "species" or thing is made out of a pre-existing thing (e.g. when wine is made out of grapes), or by confusion (when two things are inseparably mixed together and one cannot tell which is the principal and which is the accessory), or commixture, which is the mixing together of substances but where the mixture is separable. In the case of industrial accession ownership is determined according as the natural or manufactured substance is of the more importance, and, in general, compensation is payable to the person who has been dispossessed of his property.

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