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accelerator  noun      (פיזיקה) (meiytz) מֵאִיץ ; (כלי רכב) דוושת הדלק; (מחשבים) כרטיס להאצת פעולת המחשב

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noun    (meiytz) מֵאִיץ (mechiysh) מֵחִישׁ (davshat) (davshat) דַושַׁת   (heatzah) הֶאָצָה (davshat) (davshat) דַושַׁת   הַדֶלֶק
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(ש"ע) מאיץ (דוושת הדלק במכונית); (במחשבים) כרטיס המשמש להאצת ביצועי המחשב או התצוגה

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Accelerator may mean:
  • Accelerator (car) (also gas pedal), that controls the engine speed of an automobile
  • accelerator (chemistry), a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction
  • Accelerator (computing) to speed a function in computer hardware
  • Accelerator (album), by The Future Sound of London in 1992
  • Accelerator (Bjørn Lynne album), by Bjørn Lynne in 2001
  • Accelerator effect, the economic stimulus to private fixed investment that occurs due to growth in aggregate demand
  • Particle accelerator, a device which uses electric and/or magnetic fields to propel electrically charged particles to high speeds
  • Accelerator (Royal Trux album), an album by Royal Trux in 1998
  • Accelerator Coaster, a roller-coaster that uses hydrolic acceleration
  • Accelerator (song), a song by The O.A.O.T.'s in their album, Typical. This song appears in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

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