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academic  noun      אָקָדֶמַאי, מְלֻמָּד

academic  adjective      אָקָדֶמִי, עִיּוּנִי, לא מעשי, מְלֻמָּד

doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation

academic  noun      akademay, m'lumad

academic  adjective      akademiy, iyuniy, l mshy, m'lumad

Milon.co.il Dictionary 


(ש"ע) אקדמאי; מלומד; אקדמי
(ת') מלומד; אקדמי; לא מעשי; הנוגע ללימודים ולאקדמיה

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Academia is a collective term for the scientific and cultural community engaged in higher education and research, taken as a whole.

The word comes from the akademeia just outside ancient Athens, where the gymnasium was made famous by Plato as a center of learning. The sacred space, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, Athene, had formerly been an olive grove, hence the expression "the groves of Academe".

By extension Academia has come to connote the cultural accumulation of knowledge, its development and transmission across generations and its practitioners and transmitters. In the seventeenth century, English and French religious scholars popularized the term to describe certain types of institutions of higher learning. The English adopted the form academy while the French adopted the forms acadème and académie.

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