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(ש"ע) כושר ספיגה, כושר קליטה

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Absorption may refer to:
  • Absorption (chemistry), absorption of particles of gas or liquid in liquid or solid material
  • Absorption (cooking), a method in cooking in which a food (such as rice) takes up the liquid in which it is immersed
  • Absorption (skin), a route by which substances can enter the body through the skin
  • Absorption (pharmacokinetics), absorption of drugs in body
  • Absorption (electromagnetic radiation), absorption of light or other electromagnetic radiation by a material
  • Absorption (acoustics) , absorption of sound waves by a material
  • Absorption (digestive), the uptake of substances by the gastrointestinal tract
  • Absorption air conditioning
  • Absorption law, in mathematics, an identity linking a pair of binary operations
  • Dielectric absorption, interaction and absorption of energy from an applied electromagnetic field by a dielectric material
  • Flow (psychology), a state of total mental "absorption"
  • Absorption (economics), the total demand of an economy for goods and services both from within and without
  • Absorption refrigeration

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