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aboveground        שנמצא מעל לפני השטח

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(ת') מעל פני הקרקע

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Underground may refer to:
  • Underground rapid transit system, urban railway
    • London Underground, a metro system that covers the Greater London area
  • Resistance movement, dedicated to fighting an invader or the government

In film:

  • Underground (1995 film), directed by Emir Kusturica
  • Underground (1970 film)
  • Underground (1941 film), directed by Vincent Sherman
  • Underground (1928 film), directed by Anthony Asquith

In music:

  • Underground (Thelonious Monk album), a 1967 jazz recording by Thelonious Monk
  • Underground (Keaggy album), a 1983 album by guitarist Phil Keaggy
  • Underground (Analog Pussy album), a 2001 album by Analog Pussy
  • Underground (Electric Prunes album), a 1967 album by The Electric Prunes
  • Underground (soundtrack), soundtrack to the Emir Kusturica film by Goran Bregović
  • "Underground" (song), a 1986 single by David Bowie featured in the film Labyrinth
  • "Underground" (Ben Folds Five song), a 1995 song by Ben Folds Five
  • The Underground (concert venue), a Christian-affiliated concert venue, operated in the Greater Cincinnati area
  • Underground Operations, a Toronto-based independent punk rock record label
  • Underground Resistance, a musical collective from Detroit, Michigan
  • Linkin Park Underground, the official fan club of the band Linkin Park

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