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abjection  noun      (hash'palah) הַשְׁפָּלָה , (bizuy) בִּזּוּי , (b'zut) בְּזוּת 

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noun    (hashpalah) הַשׁפָּלָה (gerush) גֵרוּשׁ 
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(ש"ע) השפלה

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The term Abjection literally means "the state of being cast off." The concept of abject exists in between the concept of an object and the concept of the subject, something alive yet not. In contemporary critical theory, it is often used to describe the state of often-marginalized groups, such as people of colorprostituteshomosexualsconvictspoor people and handicapped persons. This term originated in the works of Julia Kristeva. Often, the term space of abjection is also used, referring to a space that abjected things or beings inhabit.

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