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abatement  noun      (haf'chatah) הַפְחָתָה , (hak'tanah) הַקְטָנָה , (nikuy) נִכּוּי ; (siluk) סִלּוּק 

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noun    (hafchatah) הַפחָתָה (hafagah) הֲפָגָה (hargaah) הַרגָעָה (sh'khiykhah) שְׁכִיכָה  ((shel) שֶׁל  (ruach) רוּחַ )
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(ש"ע) הפחתה, שיכוך, הפגה

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Abatement may refer to:
  • Abatement of debts and legacies, a common law doctrine of wills that holds that when the equitable assets of a deceased person are not sufficient to satisfy fully all the creditors, their debts must abate proportionately, and they must accept a dividend.
  • Abatement in pleading, a legal defence to civil and criminal actions based purely on procedural and technical issues involving the death of parties and changes in their status
  • Abatement (heraldry), a modification of the shield or coat of arms that supposedly can be imposed by authority (in England supposedly by the Court of Chivalry) for misconduct.
  • Bird abatement, driving or removing undesired birds from an area.
  • Dust abatement, the process of inhibiting the creation of excess soil dust, a pollutant that contributes to excess levels of particulate matter.
  • The process of putting an end to, or reducing, the amount of harmful substances such as Asbestos.
  • Tax Abatement (aka Tax holiday) is used in the field of economic development to encourage businesses to relocate, expand, and more currently to retain facilities in a community by means of lowering the local property taxes due to a local taxing authority. This in effect reduces the cost of operations over- typically- a 10-20 year horizonoun
  • Rent abatement is the process by which a court determines if the amount of rent that you pay should be lowered because there were conditions which made your apartment uninhabitable (unlivable).

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