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(ש"ע) אדריאן, שם פרטי לזכר; שם פרטי לנקבה; שמן של מספר ערים בארה"ב; שמם של מספר אישים היסטורים קתולים
(ת') אדריאטי, של או שייך לים האדריאטי

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The male given name Adrian is derived from the Latin "Hadrianus" which is more familiar to English speakers as "Hadrian". the name has a description or meaning which is "From Hadria" a port on the Adriatic Sea. Adrian was the name of several early Christian Saints and Martyrs. Adrian is a name whose history is connected to the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britainoun This name became widely known in England in the twelfth century, when Nicholas Breakespear took it on becoming the first and only English pope Adrian IV.

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