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(ש"ע) אדירונדאק, בן לשבט אלגונקי המתגורר בצפון לנהר סיינט לורנס; עיירת נופש בהרי אדירונדאק (ארה"ב)

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Adirondack may mean:
  • Adirondack Mountains (New York, United States) (also known as the "Adirondacks")
  • Adirondack County, New York
  • Adirondack (Amtrak), an Amtrak passenger rail route connecting New York City and Montreal
  • Adirondack (hut), a type of three-walled semi-cabin, with open fronts, found at some developed campsites
  • Adirondack (house), an American style of house construction
  • Adirondack (Mars), the nickname for Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's first target rock for investigation after landing on Mars in 2004
  • Adirondack (steamship)
  • Adirondack chair, a type of chair used primarily in an outdoors setting
  • Adirondack Community College (United States), a two-year college located in the state of New York
  • Adirondack guideboat, a lightweight boat, a rowed skiff, carried between bodies of water, originally designed for hunting now used by professional guides
  • Adirondack Park, the largest state-level protected area in the United States, containing a large portion of the Adirondack Mountains

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