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הקטן Dictionary  view

little  adverb      מְעַט; בִּכְלָל לֹא, בְּקֹשִׁי

little  determiner      קְצָת, מְעַט

little  adjective      קָטָן, מוּעָט

wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation

little  adverb      m'at; bikh'lal lֹ, b'kֹshiy

little  determiner      k'tzat, m'at

little  adjective      katan, muat

wer54w66sf32re2  view
a little, little (adverb)me"at
small, littleqatan
a little bitqitsat
LingvoZone Dictionary  view
adjective    קָטקָטָןמוּעָט
adverb    מְעַטקְצָת
wer54w66sf32re2 Phonetic Translation
adjective    katkatanmuat
adverb    m'atk'tzat
wer54w66sf32re2 Dictionary 


(תה"פ) כלל, בכלל לא; במידה מועטת
(ת') קטן; מועט; מעט; קצת; קצר; קל-ערך, פעוט
(ש"ע) מעט; כמות קטנה, מידה מועטת; מרחק קצר; זמן מה

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Little is a surname and may refer to:
  • Angela Little
  • Bentley Little, American author
  • Bingo Little
  • Booker Little
  • Brian Little
  • Carlo Little
  • Cleavon Little
  • Donald Little, a Manitoba judge
  • Floyd Little
  • Frances Little
  • Frank Little, Australian archbishop
  • Frank Little, U.S. trade unionist
  • Gerry P. Little
  • Grady Little
  • Jason Little (cartoonist)
  • Jason Little (rugby player)
  • Jean Little
  • Joan Little
  • John Little
  • John N. Little
  • Ken Little (born 1947), a modernist American sculptor
  • Lawson Little
  • Little Jack Little
  • Malcolm Little
  • Mark Little (Australian actor)
  • Mark Little (Irish journalist)
  • Neil Little
  • Nicky Little, Fijian rugby union player
  • Ralf Little
  • Rich Little
  • Robert A. Little
  • Ross Little
  • Sally Little
  • Steve Little
  • Syd Little
  • Tasmin Little
  • Thomas Little
  • Tony Little
  • Walter Little
  • William Little (Pittsburgh mayor), politician in Pittsburgh.
  • William Little (English surgeon), the doctor who identified cerebral palsy in children
  • Zarah Little

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